Feast of the Assumption – Mechanicville

MECHANICVILLE AUGUST 14 & 15- Despite thunderstorms on Friday night the 112th Feast of the Assumption continued. People came when out rained and people came when it din't rain. On site there was musical entertainment from La Banda Rossa on Friday night and Quantum on Saturday night. Italian food, children's games, raffles, games of chance, wheels, Italian pastry, and of course the Virgin Mary. Congressman Paul Tonko attended on Saturday night.

More photos in the 08-20 edition.

Feast of the Assumption

MECHANICVILLE AUGUST 15 & 16- This year the Feast of the Assumption was expanded from one day to two. The extra day enhanced the Feast, it did not detract. Volunteer Jan Sylsvester reported that the Feast ran out of food on 7:30 Friday night. A total of 120 lbs. of dough had to be purchased just for the fried dough. Old favorite La Banda Rossa performed on Friday night. After 3 PM Friday Mass the Procession made its return this year.

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