The Express Newspaper – October 25, 2018

The Express Newspaper – February 26, 2015

Change the Culture to Change the Behavior – R. Cordani

STILLWATER- OCTOBER 20- Police Commissioner Ray Cordani conducted the annual Domestic Violence News Conference at the Town Hall. He appreciated the cell phones that are donated from the local community. He is grateful to receive them and sad that we still need them. Over 4,000 cellphones have been collected at the Stillwater PD. He said "we need to change the culture to change the behavior."

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The Express Newspaper – October 9, 2014

Tragedy of Domestic Violence – By Sandy McBride

Nancy McCormack of Mechanicville and Tammy McCormack of Rotterdam became fast friends even before they married brothers Kevin and Keith McCormack and became family.  As sisters-in-law, they grew even closer, sharing companionship, giggles and tears, good times and tough times as they each raised their families.  Nancy has two sons, Dan and Ben, and Tammy had a son, Brad and two daughters, Marie and Jessica. Sadly, Keith passed away four years ago, on the very evening he was taking pictures of Jessica getting ready for her senior prom at Mohonasen High School.

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