Pittstown Area Food Pantry Gets Ready for Thanksgiving – by Christine Barton

The holiday season is upon us. Volunteers from the Pittstown area food pantry spent Saturday November 17th arranging and handing out Thanksgiving food baskets to area families who requested assistance this holiday season. The mission of the Pittstown area food pantry is to provide food for people who need it, which is exactly what happened this Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Almost everything in the Thanksgiving boxes this year came from the Thanksgiving food drive led by Michael Raucci of Clifton Park Toyota, with the help and support of many area businesses. Pittstown food pantry volunteers arranged pickup of the boxes and transported them back to the church to get ready to open the doors for the 1pm pick up time. This year about 58 individuals signed up to receive a Thanksgiving food box.

Costanzo’s Rocks It Again – by Melissa LeMay

WATERFORD -  On Saturday afternoon and into the evening Costanzo’s River Side Restaurant was the site for the fifteen annual Rock For Tots NY event. Andy Walters & Alan Hein came up with this idea fifteen years ago and started a partnership with Toys for Tots as a way to give back to their community. This is a great organization that helps families in need and who struggle during the Holiday season. Without this program children in our community would go without a Christmas.


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Town May Consider Tax Incentive to Increase Trail Routes — by Harold Wessell

TOWN OF STILLWATER, November 15 – Town Supervisor Ed Kinowski put out a question for the future    of trails in the Town to participants in Thursday’s Town Board meeting.

As the Town and County – indeed whole country as he said -- are more and more actively pursuing development of trails, the Supervisor floated the idea that perhaps it could be an incentive for the Town to offer some assessment credit to landowners who would be willing to allow a trail over or along some of their property.

An effort by a municipality to gain land for a trail – like any easement request – can be time consuming and expensive ... and sometimes become contentious. He suggested that a more creative and citizen-friendly approach would be to offer some  assessment credit on what little square footage of land might be sought, and the transaction could become one in which owners who are approached can feel that they are being  invited to be a positive part of something for the community. "We've been trying to pursue trails within our town.

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Saratoga Property Tax Decreased – by Harold Wessell

BALLSTON SPA, November 8 – Saratoga County taxpayers will pay a little less property tax than previously estimated. Two developments have added almost $500,000 to the 2013 Tentative Budget which will be voted on by the Board of Supervisors in December.

A change in the way the County pays for health care, and the newly-pending purchase of 15 acres of the never utilized County landfill in Northumberland will enable officials to reduce an anticipated  2.5 percent increase to a little less than 1.6 percent, as  Law and Finance Committee Chairman Alan Grattidge of Charlton announced  at a Nov. 8 budget workshop.

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Mechanicville Elementary Holds Special Assembly Honoring Veterans – by Sandy McBride

   The students at Mechanicville Elementary School arrived at school on Friday morning knowing that it was a special day, that they would have a special assembly that morning honoring veterans.  Imagine the children’s surprise when they climbed down from their buses and filed through the front doors to find their hallway lined with bearded, leather-jacketed and be-medaled, American flag-toting members of the Patriot Guard.  Yes, it was going to be a special day indeed.

   In a moving and meaningful ceremony organized by elementary school teachers and staff, Elks Veteran Chairperson Justine Crowley-Duncan and the students themselves, the assembly featured many honored guests, introductions, music and song, recitations, video, and a panel of military representatives who answered questions from the kids on what serving in the military is all about.


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Stillwater Town Board 11-01-12 Town Of Stillwater Supervisor Budget Message – By Harold Wessell

Stillwater Supervisor Ed Kinowski received an email from Malta Parks, Recreation and Human Resources Director Audrey Ball recently, wondering if some Stillwater folks, especially those along the town's multi-use trail,  would like to sit in on her town's informational meeting offered by the Sheriff, on organizing a local Neighborhood Watch.

   She had seen reports in the Express of vandalisms in Stillwater, and wondered if townspeople in Stillwater might be interested in hearing more about Neighborhood Watch, by attending a meeting already set in Malta.

Kinowski said he thinks folks along the Town's multi-use trail will be very interested.


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Thanksgiving Food Drive – By Sandy McBride






The devastation wrought over the past week by Hurricane Sandy in New York City and coastal areas from the Carolinas to Cape Cod has once again driven home to us how fragile life is and how much we depend on helping hands from our fellow man when Mother Nature or other circumstances throw challenges at us that we cannot overcome alone.

Here in our small town world, it seems that we can always count on our neighbors to reach out their helping hands whenever we need them.  And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, now is the time for all of us to offer whatever help we can provide.


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A Veterans’ Day to Remember by Sandy McBride

Veterans Day, 2012.  What a heritage the United States of America has to celebrate!  On November 11, we recognize and we honor the men and women who have served and who are serving today in our Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard.

Our nation has endured wars and military actions at home and abroad for the better part of three centuries, going back to the days before we were actually a nation.  In the face of tyranny, oppression, aggression, insurrection and terrorism, we have always been able to count on our nation’s military forces.  They do the job.  They train, they travel, they sacrifice and they support.


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Term Limits




On November 6th the voters of Mechanicville will decide whether or not to eliminate term limits for the mayor and city council. The local communities of Stillwater, Waterford, and Ballston Spa do not have term limits. Citizens of these communities have the right to make their own decisions. We do not understand why Mechanicville's citizens should be deprived of the freedom to vote for whomever they choose. We disagree with the premise that “we need to be protected from ourselves" and thus be deprived of the freedom to make our own decisions.

The position of mayor in our city is a part time one. This is not a referendum on the mayor's performance. That will occur next year in the election if he is allowed on the ballot. This is a referendum rather on whether or not we want to retain the right to keep our own voting rights.