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9/11 Memorial in Ballston Spa

Article on page 5 of the August 24th Express.

Korean Vets Recognition Day – By Paul O’Keefe

Article on page 13 of the August 17th Express.

Death on Grove Street

Page 5 of the 08/10 Express.

City Gazebo to be Rebuilt – by Pete Bardunias

Article on pages 6 & 7 of the 08/10 Express.

O’Keefe Honors 64th Armistice Anniversary

Article and photo on page 8 of the August 3rd Express.

Waterford to Honor Major Goyette – by H. Wessell

Article on page 12 of the August 3rd Express.

10 Years of Music in Schaghticoke – by Christine Barton

Article and photos on page 14 of the August 3rd Express.

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